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10 films on computers and internet

Tuesday is usually the day of the spectator in many theaters of our country, so it ‘sback to sit in the chair to enjoy the second and final installment of our curious selection with our 10 films on computer and internet . Thanks to the collaboration of putlocker we created list of the most outstanding creations as far as computer and internet terms.

The advance of computer technology has become one of the hottest topics of our society and this is reflected in a lot of new releases related to the possibilities and fears that offers the industry ‘s future. From comedies to thrillers , from, of course , by adventures of action palomiteras showing that today we all have our particular view of the subject.


If Antitrust has become a cult film it is not just by chance. This is one of the first commercial films that could end up graduating under Creative Commons and its plot revolves around globalization and the development of free software. Tells the story of a young programmer who is about to embark on the work of his life in the planet’s largest computer company. The parallels between Microsoft and countless fictional company and shows us what might happen if this had been done in the monopoly market.


Just exploited the Internet bubble, The Network was responsible for creating demonize international espionage plot that had us all controlled and who would discover it would be persecuted to death. Its success, hand in much of the signing of Sandra Bullock starring actress, took its creators to make two more sequels and even a television series of 22 chapters.


Operation Swordfish was one of the films, along with The Matrix, better quality sold back then newly installed DVD. They had one of the most memorable action scenes I had occasion to see on a tape and its cast, with Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman did the rest to make it a blockbuster all. The film goes to show that in a completely computerized world even a vault is safe.


He would have become an absolute success have been released a few years later, as the background of Hard Candy is based on Internet privacy, a hot topic since the rise of social networks. Hayley Stark is a 14 year old who knows a man 32 online. It would be easy to guess the argument except that here nothing is what it seems, which will take advantage of it and be tortured and defenseless young teenager.


Can what apparently is a thriller film becoming a popcorn action? Eagle Eye shows that yes. The film returns to emphasize the problems that can lead to a global automation by introducing the two protagonists in a trial adventure led by a mysterious voice it seems to know what will happen at all times.




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