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8 best online fitness exercise at home

A gym open 24 hours the 365 days of the year? Of course yes, in the same living room ! The fit shop reviews has become a rising trend after the success it has experienced in countries like the United States, and more and more people choose to get fit with virtual classes through the tablet or smartphone  which also makes can take the gym wherever you go .

But this does not end here, since they are not the only advantages. The lack of time or economic reasons are decisive factors play in favor of these platforms, which in recent times have become more professional and offer all kinds of physical activities  (from disciplines such as Pilates or Yoga classes step, boxing or dance belly), with excellent image quality and a network of specialized teachers who guide and accompany you performing the exercises in real time. We encourage you to try one of our favorites and tell us the experience yourself!

No. 1 OWOM Tv

Tv OWOM whatever with the best specialists to enjoy classes and guided online yoga, pilates and meditation Spanish online practices to practice when and where you want. Based on a couta, allows you to access, unlimited, more than 350 classes where, of course, you decide where and when to receive your classes, always following classes from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Note : All teachers are professionals with extensive training and full dedication to teaching yoga, Pilates and meditation

Price : From 10 €

No. 2 Enformaencasa

This online gym is backed by physical education graduates with master’s degree in sports performance, and trainers, among other experts. Here you will find workout routines, videos, tips and personal trainers who will guide you in your workouts. We really like their dietary section, with information on food, recipes and applications to calculate calories, your basal metabolism or your total energy expenditure.

Note: C CCOUNT with an online store  with fitness equipment, paddle tennis or yoga, among other sports

Price : training Bono House (5 €), Personal trainer (20 €) and Nutritional counseling (30 €)

No. 3 Gymoxion

Sport and the Internet are great allies, so projects like Gymoxion can get to give very good results if they are able to make themselves known to your target audience. In this case the proposal is to provide the classes that usually there in the gyms but online form so that the web usaurios have the opportunity to attend classes Pilates , Yoga and Dance Fitness from home.

Note : Your status as ‘social network’ that lets you interact with other users and even create classes only with your friends

Price : From € 4.50

No. 4 Gym-in

Gym-in  is another online gym designed so you can follow your fitness program from your favorite place  without wasting time traveling to the gym and a wide range of activities. All you need is internet access , comfortable clothing and lots of motivation! This virtual gym is ideal for exercising at home , and so lose weight, strengthen muscles, gain tone and also have fun while doing all this at a reasonable price.

Price : From € 5.75

Note : All classes are taught by teachers of first level in your area and they can discover the fun of each type of activity.

No. 5 ict

Ict  is one of the best online gymnasiums , which is also designed for the whole family .  You can access the platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It offers 21 training rooms for all ages, tastes, goals and physical condition. You choose what activity you want to make, what time and with what intensity. Sessions are led by professional and qualified instructors guide and accompany you at all times, doing the exercises with you in real time.

Price : € 5.95 / month

Note : Accounts with a personal trainer at your disposal and you can even hire a nutritional planning designed by a specialist.

No. 6 Telegim.tv

Telegim.tv allows you to follow classes of classical and Latin aerobics, step, TBC, yoga, Pilates, Spinning, combat, Gap, toning and indoor walking as if you were directly in the gym. It is the virtual gym more like a real one, has a highly qualified team and Over 24,000 partners! If you want to follow all the classes, you need a step , a stationary bike and an elliptical.

Note : Only for registering will have access to free classes and their teacher indoor cycling cyclist is known Melcior Mauri

Price : Monthly Pack (6.90 €) and quarterly Pack (5 € / month)

No. 7 Virtual Gym

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Practice English while training at the hands of the best virtual instructors of the British company Virtual Gym . Boot Camp, strech and toning classes, step aerobics … In UK is a success!

Note : There is a free trial version .

No. 8 Vitale

This is not a virtual gym, but an online training system  able to prescribe exercise to measure.It is even able to take into account the conditions of the user , time available, the material that has at home and even your mood Truly amazing! We like to offer more than 600 personalized training, all backed by its experts in exercise and health.

Note:  To train able, besides access to videos, to an anatomical 3D library, monitoring and test agendas.

Price:  Individual Plan (4.90 € / month), professional Plan (29,90 € / month), Business Plan (€ 99.90 / month) and Corporate Plan (399,90 € / month)

Entrenar.me , although not a virtual gym, is a perfect tool to exercise at home to lose weight or your figure, because it is a seeker of personal trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists throughout Spain . You can choose from over 4,000 professionals and centers to get fit, improve your health or improve in any sport. To do this, you must answer a short questionnaire that will help the coach to make those goals.

Note : Whenever you want , you can contact your coach via email for advice on how to properly perform exercises or changing routines, etc.

Your virtual gym without leaving home

Today , many people prefer to play sports on their own rather than having to move to a center, not only for comfort but for lack of time . Why they are proliferating this kind of gymnasiums to the letter , that help you to get in shape for an easy, economical way and wherever you want.




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