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Android Wear: chat with clock

Android Wear has already set in motion, with the release a few weeks of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live ago (and even the odd, the expected Moto 360 with round dial is). We’ve tried for a few days in these two watches and we found that although the operating system ‘wearables’ of Google is more limited when using applications other bets, such as the Gear 2 Samsung or Sony SmartWatch , it is also much more effective in communications.

Android Wear does not provide access to messaging applications directly from the fitness watch.That is, you can not try to send a message via Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger if these applications have not sent a notification, although an email or SMS -curiously, which Google dominates with Hangouts- best. Nor is there ‘apps’ especially as the many interactive games that are already for Gear 2. However, unlike other operating systems clocks, yes that can be answered easily.

Android Wear has a vertical interface and we can go scrolling through the cards that we are shown, similar to what happens in the way Google Now , and thus see what time, how many steps you have taken or the time remaining get home. If the card does not appear we are interested, we can talk to theclock ( by touching the screen or by saying ‘OK Google’) and apply.

We can also tell the clock “remind me tomorrow I have to have breakfast with fulanito at 11”, “send an email to menganito with -and text dictate the text-” and he will do or “starts a countdown of five minutes.”However, if we use a messaging application on the clock has even been adapted, we can not do. In case you want to write proactively in WhatsApp, we can tell the clock “open WhatsApp ” and will open in the ‘smartphone’.

However, although text messages or e – mails are the roads that can be used proactively Android Wear, messaging applications send notifications, let us read the complete messages according to the application- and answer. Let ‘s see exactly what options bring communication applications most popular of Spain, which have now been adapted.

Although there are some like Talkray or Text Me, we chose Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp , because currently Twitter is not yet supported. As you can see, Android Wear screen always displays the time and the latest notifications, though the light has gone out and is in sleep mode. In the Android Wear app for smartphones Android can configure and choose the screen you are always off completely, and thus save some battery.


It is the most complete of all, but still needs to improve. Android Wear divided into groups according tothe emails inbox -in the ‘smartphone’ can set up multiple accounts Google- and thus we are seeing.Clicking on a group, the mails are divided into cards and when you click on one, can read mail in full.

Once you have read the mail, we have several options, which you access by moving the screen to the left: archiving, respond or open the phone. Unfortunately, Google has not built a basic option for anyone who uses Gmail : forward the message. It would be as simple as adding a tab.

If we answer, we can dictate to watch what we mean. The ‘ smartwatch ‘ hear until we stop talking and then the response will be sent automatically and converted into text. If we see something wrong we understood that often does not, we were wrong or forgotten something, we have a few seconds to cancel sending and start again.

Gmail also includes a series of automatic responses , which are accessed by moving the screen down, once you have selected “answer”. Google and offers Spanish and options are: “Yes,” No “,” OK “,” Heh, heh, “” Thank You “,” I agree “,” Great, “” I’m on my way ” “Okay, I’ll call you later”, “:)” and “:(“.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook sends notifications we receive on the social network without too many details. Just we see that “such a friend commented on your status” or that “someone has shared your link” and sliding to the left can select “open the phone.” However, if a message arrives, we can perform some actions more.

Unfortunately, the messages we receive in Facebook Messenger not appear intact but cut in Android Wear watch. This reduces the usefulness of the application. Moreover, we can also choose to respond, dictating back to watch what we mean, and select some predefined answers in Spanish. You can also choose if we want to open the ‘app’ on the phone.

As a novelty, and one of the hallmarks of the social network, we can select a highlighted option -out responder- options that involves sending a thumbs up.


At the moment, updating WhatsApp compatible with Android Wear is under test. At the moment, only you can download on the website of the courier and integration into the clock will not be effective if we have installed is the latest version is available on Google Play. To install this apk, we must enable the option “unknown sources” for applications settings.

Once you have installed the new version, notifications appear on the clock Android Wear . Just as happens with the other two, all notifications will appear unified on a card and tell us the number we have. If you click on it, we can see the different conversations that we have received notification. In the case of WhatsApp we can see the entire message in full and then we have two options: respond or open the device .

Again, the answer is we can dictate to watch and, once recognized our words, the message will be sent automatically. There are also predefined answers like ” I’m going there ,” “yes,” “no,” “okay” or “see you soon”. The downside is that being an application in beta, are only in English. There are also three emoticons: smiley face, sad face and thumbs up, three in emoji version.


Android Wear is the most effective operating system for smart watches from a point of view of communication because unlike the Sony SmartWatch or Gear 2 Samsung , you can answer, and also quickly and effectively. That gives more useful to ‘smartwatches’ than they had before.

All ‘apps’ we’ve seen so far can be improved, with options like forward in the case of Gmail, show the complete message from FB Messenger or translation into Spanish in the case of WhatsApp, but what is seen is a great homogeneity in each of them, by the hand of Google is controlling this issue.




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