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What is that negative SEO?

When we talk about SEO strategies to boost SEO, in most cases we refer to techniques that enhance our visibility in search engines.

But what if I tell you that there are some SEO techniques that can negatively affect you ?

In this case I am not referring so much to what I can do on my own website or blog, but what they can do to harm others.

Yes, in this modern online world there are those who seek to improve their own web positioning at the expense of its competitors charged.

Although there are always those who just enjoy to put sticks in the wheel to the other …

Are we aware of the negative techniques that others might use to try to alienate our website top positions in Google?

So again I ask me:

Would we know how to defend ourselves not to lose SEO?

Thinking of an answer to all these questions is that in this 30th guest post count on the collaboration ofBrandon Diaz .

Brandon has prepared an extensive article with more than 4,500 words, which will show what negative SEO techniques that could suffer and how we should protect them are.

I hope you serve to care for your positioning web!

How to identify the Negative SEO to protect your web?

How to identify the Negative SEO to protect your web positioning malicious attacks?

If you take a little time in the world of online marketing, you’ve probably heard of SEO or search engine optimization of a website.

It basically refers to a set of techniques that aim to attract more visitors from search engines like Google and Bing.

But did you know that SEO can also be used against you?

Sometimes, especially in highly competitive markets, your competitors can use some techniques in order that your site lose positions or, in the worst case, be penalized. These techniques are known asnegative SEO .

Those who have heard of this, surely they will think this is to point a lot of toxic links to the website of your competition.

But no, it’s not just that.

In fact, there are several techniques that can be used to make negative SEO to a site.

In this article I will show you 8 of the most common techniques and also tell you to do to protect your website from them.

Is it possible negative SEO?

¡Yo escuché que Google afirmaba que no! 😉

In recent years the negative SEO has begun to attract much attention, and Google has most of the blame.

Apparently he has always had the philosophy of punishing the “bad” instead of benefiting the “good”, which makes it possible to exist Negative SEO.

In addition, since the Penguin update was released, searches on “Negative SEO” soared.

Is it possible negative SEO? Early negative SEO

Why? Because Penguin focuses on sites with a profile of unnatural links. And it is difficult todistinguish between self creates links and creating a competitor to try to make SEO negative.

So Does negative SEO can work? It’s possible?

Yes, of course it exists and is possible.

Google’s position is, for a change, ambiguous. Sometimes he says that is not possible, sometimes hinted yes and sometimes takes tools to disavow links (known as disavow).

Although the negative SEO is not possible what if it really is?

In practice it has been shown that such practices do exist and can significantly harm the visibility of your site.

The best thing to do is to know about some of the most common techniques and know what you can do to protect them.

Things you should do to protect your site from attack #SEOnegativo By @SEODiaz


Then let’s see:

8 negative SEO techniques more common than exist in the network today c ow protect them

► 1 Hacking

At the boundary between legal and illegal we have the hacking. It can take many forms, but here we will focus on two of the most damaging your SEO.

This can be done in several ways. Some of the best known are SQL injections, to get information from your database, or trying to steal your password directly with a brute force attack.

This obviously tends to affect more sites made with a CMS like WordPress or Joomla .

If they succeed and reach your site as administrator, can you imagine what they could do?

They could, for example, injecting a link on your site pointing to yours without you realizing. Or could add a meta tag robot to tell search engines not to index your content, losing all your positioning.

To do this, a technique called XSS commonly used. With this they can achieve a link or even inject malicious code to your site Google detected as infected with malware and lose positions.

But there are other ways.

Another common way to insert code in a web is when plugins or themes payment downloaded free . If you download and install it without checking, you may be also installing malicious code without knowing it .

How to protect yourself from this kind of negative SEO?

Easy! Using passwords very safe.

Example insecure password:


Secure Password Example:

X9K! 0p2dJH9q86baixr @

To generate and store secure passwords, I use LastPass .

Monitor your own web for strange terms with Google Alerts .

This can be helpful when injected links to your site.

You only need to create a new alert and monitor something like this:

“Site: tusitio.com botox acne OR OR OR debt dating casino OR OR OR mortgage insurance poker OR OR OR pharmacy viagra OR OR porn xxx”

And set it to send you a notification when you find something suspicious.

What is that negative SEO? - Google Alerts

Regardless of all the possibilities offered by the log analysis for SEO, we will focus on discovering potential attackers.

For this you must log extract the contents of a document Excel to search and filter attempts to access certain URLs.

Among other things, a log stores the following information about who tried to access your web:

In this case we want to analyze the request made, the HTTP Request, and look for suspicious queries.For example:

This will depend CMS they are using.

To understand a little more, here’s an example:

What is that negative SEO? - Attempted access

There is a clear example of “someone” who has been trying to access my file wp-login.php, making a request every second.

Once the IP found, he can easily block access by editing the .htaccess file .

Another important aspect if you are using a CMS is to investigate what security plugins exist. In the case of WordPress, one very useful to prevent this type of access is WPS Hide Login .

There are also more complete security solutions for WordPress as Wordfence Security .

Before moving on to the next technique, there are two very important things you should always keep in mind:

  1. It is assumed that Google from your webmaster tools notifies you if you notice that your site could be hacked, but do not trust (and do not forget that you must subscribe to email alerts).Sometimes it can take a long time to warn and by then you’ve lost positions. It is best tomonitor it constantly.
  2. If your site becomes hacked and Google sends you a message about it , after solving the problems do not forget to send a request for reconsideration.


Have you remained in doubt on the subject of negative SEO?

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