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Chat, IRC, IP telephony

What can you do on the Internet?

Chat .

By Chat we can maintain a conversation with other people in real time via the Internet . While in the mail have to wait a while to see the answer in the chat response is instantaneous.

You can talk in public mode, where all read messages from others, or privately where only two people can see their conversation.

Theremany sites that offer free chat, just choose the topic of conversation and start talking. To enter a chat must be given a nickname or “nick” will be the name that we know others. We should not give our real name, and be careful with personal data that we in the conversation.

You can find Chats, for example, inHispavista, and in almost all portals,Wandoo, Terra,Yahoo.

Currently they are refined voice chat in which you can talk instead of typing. For example,Voice Chat Terra.

As we have seen in the previous point, another option to establish a voice chat with the offer instant messaging programs.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was developed in Finland in 1988 by Jakko Oikarinen and is the precursor of the Chat on the Web. The IRC allows instant communication with a group of people who are discharged in this service, and among which we select or reject.

Basically it’s like a chat with the difference that a client program installed on your computer to access the IRC server. Once we give high on the server we are assigned an identifying us and we can communicate with other people discharged.
11We can give our identification and “be” for a certain time. An advantage over the Chat is that we can learn more easily if the person you want to talk about is connected at that time.
The IRC has some possibilities much like instant messaging, IRC programs but are more complete. In both cases must be careful with the entry of virus, since this is a route by which viruses can reach your computer.

ICQ is one of the most popular, along with mIRC .

IP telephony .

IP telephony can talk on the phone using Internet for voice transmission, with less quality of reception but cheaper , especially on international calls.

It has the features of a conventional phone call, that is, we must know the phone number of the person you call and it must be on the computer or on the phone destination to pick up the call.

You can call from a PC to a landline or mobile phone, and also to another computer. Minutes . PeopleCall. For some time there is a program that is very successful called Skype , although not pure IP telephony, lets talk via computer anywhere in the world, with all those who have the program installed, free of charge. It also allows call traditional phones by paying an amount. It is a program that gives excellent sound quality, even with Internet connections low bandwidth, such as phone modems.

Recently, Google has released a similar program called Google Talk .

News. Discussion groups

news or discussion groups were born before the web reached the spread that currently have and helped to share knowledge among the scientific community. Basically News is a place where users post on a specific topic exchanged , and where you can learn many things through the spirit of cooperation that prevails.

To access the News a mail program giving data appending companies like e-mail and news server that provided by our supplier must be configured. Then you need to choose the topic in which we participate and we can send our opinions.

Another alternative is to use the Web using the Google Groups service (before it was bought by Google was called Deja ), which allows us to search discussion groups easily can even search for all messages in any discussion group in which it appears a certain keyword. From this system, of course, we can also participate by sending messages. Google Groups lists Web mail from mail programs such as Outlook e-mail can be grouped to form a list, this way we can send a message to everyone on the list at once. Based on this idea you have created web mail lists with additional features that make them more complete. For example, members of the list can be given high and low on the list themselves from the Internet. The creator of the list defines who is allowed to send messages to the list, if you want the messages to be reviewed by someone before being sent, etc. Webmail lists are useful to provide information to a group of people with a common interest. For example, members of a sports club can receive information of your club by e those responsible only have to send one and the mailing list is responsible for sending a mail to each member. Another example of the usefulness of the mailing lists is the list of new features of aulaClic that allows interested persons to receive an email each month with new developments in our website. For example, eListas




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