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Helpling, housekeeping home of Rocket Internet, prepares his landing

Helpling is one of the last betting Rocket Internet, the incubator of online projects Samwer brothers . A marketplace that allows users to hire London cleaning services your home or office from 12.90 euros per hour . Users only have to enter your address, date, duration , and if they have any special requirements.

Helpling is responsible for selecting the cleaning staff that best suits your needs and once the process users can evaluate the service. This business model was opened by HOMEJOY in the United States in 2012 and Helpling, after its launch in Germany in April, prepares his landing in Spain .

Several sources close to Rocket Internet have informed Engadget that the German company is right now in the process of selection of country manager who will head its operations in Spain. In addition, several employees Helpling already working on the Spanish version from its headquarters in Berlin. The arrival of Helpling could occur before summer , according to these sources.

From Helpling they have refused to comment on the more than possible arrival of the company to Spain, stating only that “we can not confirm anything. If we hear in the future we will be contacting”.

The situation in Spain

The sector cleaning services delivery in Spain has no clear leader . Moreover, there is no startup that specifically focus on this market. Companies like ETEC , EsLife orfamiliafacil offer domestic services of all kinds without focusing on a main activity.Quite the opposite Helpling.

According DBK the turnover of enterprises Cleaning Spain stood at 8,900 million euros in 2013, 2% less than in the previous year. The arrival of Helpling to Spain comes just months after Lendico , also belonging to Rocket Internet, disembarked in Spain to compete in the sector loans between individuals.




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