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Internet marketing, what experts worry the most

A consultation with various “experts” on the network about their major concerns about the future study, and most relate to commercial pressures.

What aspect of the future of the network is the most worries experts? Some wouldpoint to censorship and espionage governments; others may say that the theft of our personal information from hackers . However, a study by Elon University in North Carolina, casts a different conclusion, the greatest threat to the future of the network is perfectly legal and is in sight of all are commercial interests .

For ten years this American university conducts a survey cycle called ” Imagining the Internet ” (Imagining the Internet), in which 1,400 experts in the network, they must answer a number of issues involved. This year has been asked, for the first time about his biggest concern about the network . And most of them have referred to commercialization.

Speaking to the web Recode , Elon professor Janna Anderson has said that this is “surprisingly” the question that worries more respondents. Using giants like Facebook -in the headlines since his last “experiment” – and Google may make of the data that users put into their hands worries many, and not only for privacy but also by how the exchange democratic network information may be rebutted in favor of marketing.

The net neutrality and exchange of information

According reveals the study of gold coast search engine optimisation, among the specific concerns about the commercial pressures on the network concern to respondents is the future of net neutrality , threatened in the United States for the last movements of the FCC and the restrictions of copyright and patents which may affect the free exchange of information .

In May , the Federal Communications Commission of the US, the FCC approved a proposal that opens the possibility that, in the future, providers of network access from charging content companies to prioritize their online offer and it is download faster and with more quality. That is, there is a two – speed Internet : those who pay and those who do not pay. The principle of net neutrality advocates precisely that all necessary means are made so that this does not happen.

One of those interviewed by the study authors, who works in a post – doctoral research, describes it as follows: “We are seeing how every day there are more ‘walled gardens’ that are owned by tech giants . Paradoxically, network marketing is precisely the biggest challenge is posed to it in its growth. The lobbies of large companies against Internet neutrality are the best example. ”

Other hazards

It is not, however, the only concern to respondents. Among the concerns expressed are also the actions taken by governments to maintain political control of the network , which will lead, in his view, to a larger block, filter and network segmentation. The trust citizens place on the Internet “evaporate” have told the authors of the study, if internet marketing firm and governments maintain their surveillance strategy.

In addition, participants in the study also refer to a question, the noise and the “infoxication” on the network, in which the remedy may end up being worse than the disease. Efforts to solve the information overload could be counterproductive and curtailing the current freedom to share content, they think.




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