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Internet offers diets based on genetic

Currently, the ‘ apps ‘ are responsible for providing dietary advice , suggest oldschooldiet.com based on the habits of people and control the amount of liquid that the user drinks during the day to ensure you have a health adequate.

But these applications and websites have gone a step further by using genetics to create nutritional plans more effective. Is this an evolution in nutrition ?

Nutritionist Bethlehem Ocampo believes that eating plans based on gene to identify the nutritional needs of a person and the illness that “often need intervention through food .”

For example Ocampo explained, with studies of genes can be observed if a person has a predisposition to obesity , then recommends a specific food as a form of prevention.

This is the case of the website diet Genetics offers personalized diets. The user should be performed a blood test and then send the results analyzed in the laboratory the DNA . The following is to receive a report with recommendations to lose weight and maintain their weight.

“For each are different, our body needs a different diet” is the motto of the platform.

The application Nutrigen Service , developed with researchers from the University Salamanca , in Spain , is known as the first app of nutrigenetics because it combines nutrition, genetics and Mediterranean diet .

the platform is available for operating system Android and iOS and allows different menus that can be customized by completing a survey send to college to be analyzed.

Thus, the combined physiological data with the genetic study of the patient. According to the creators of the platform, 70% of users are women between 18 and 42 who are disillusioned by diets that did not work them.

Ocampo stresses that before using applications or diets through the web pages, is necessary to carry out a safe procedure with the correct study of the health of the person.




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