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Music and SEO: how to optimize the experience of fan

A band can avail the benefits of SEO just like they do trademarks. The factors of SEO positioning apply equally to all.

But music , characterized by the uniqueness of who creates, interprets or executes, demand another type of SEO strategy – it’s the local seo gold coast.

In this article you will find a list of ideas and SEO actions to increase the visibility of a digital music group in each of their publications.

The fan defined keywords

Conceivably most users discover music groups launching generic queries on search engines (eg “madrid jazz trio”, “indie rock group”, etc.) but do so through various forms: recommendations specialized media,  apps , services suggestions in streaming …

And so an SEO strategy focused on positioning a band using generic keywords will be inefficient.

On the one hand, the band will compete with a vast number of media and websites that generate huge amounts of content and on the other, compete with well positioned historical bands.

Let’s change the focus.

The user does not discover groups through keywords generic but the fan does seek specific information about the group that follows or just discovered .

This is shown by the predictions of Google Instant search.


In this perspective, it makes more sense to meet the specific inquiries fan who ultimately define keywords and content to optimize.

The group will get results to guide the SEO strategy to online fan experience , ergo  promote their access and permanence in the digital ecosystem of the music group .


Once discarded generic keywords is appropriate  to develop a list of specific keywords that include the name of the group, their  music and / or terms directly related  (concerts, song titles, albums, etc.).

The list of keywords  is the core on which to work the contents in order to associate them with the intention of finding followers.

You do not know where to start?

In that case the tools keyword research  can be useful for ideas and develop your list.

An example. In the next image Keyword Planner keyword suggestions associated with Vetusta Morla and search volume for each are shown.


But first of all keep in mind that SEO is not a set of actions that apply once, it is an ongoing process that requires commitment and long term vision.

The best recipe is a dose of patience and start applying  basic techniques of search engine optimization in OC .

Once the time to optimize, optimize bet one come keyword -can be formed by various terms- for each url.

And from there use it as much as possible: urls, description , headings, in the Alt attribute of images … yes, always in a natural way. Over-optimization can be penalized by search engines.

Website: ecosystem epicenter of the music group

The website is the official channel of information for fans in which offer valuable information and news about the band.

In turn should act as a directory of the digital ecosystem, also funneling traffic to external sites -enmarcados in strategy- where their content (shops, Youtube, agency management, etc.) is housed.

And like many other digital projects since the launch of the website of the music group it is necessary to focus on:

Build your audience : it is essential to have a good capture tool emails  to build a database of supporters.

The group email allows direct communication with the fan and visits to the site by adding links in communications. And no doubt, email marketing continues to be an effective sales channel.

Knowing the user : use a web analytics tool to understand the behavior of users, geographic location or sources of site traffic.

But especially to monitor how you approach or not the goals you have set.

Keep it simple : both SEO level impact on user experience, the site must satisfy optimum usability  and loading speed, structure or adaptation devices, among other properties.

structured data

Structured data are specific tags (or microdata) that you can add in the HTML code of a web page. Invisible to the user but of great value to the search engines.

The community Schema.org , driven in 2011 and funded by Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yandex develops an extensive vocabulary employing structured data search engines.

These data allow searchers to understand the published, presenting more accurately and more attractive to users form content.


Schema has structured data  bands ,  songs , albums , concerts , music videos , music stores  and so on , that help describe the content, meaning and the relationship of the data (context).

Okay, but structured data improve ranking positions? Not necessarily but you can provide more visits.

A bookmarked web page structured data will not appear above but can increase your CTR (clickthrough rate relative to the number of prints) by how it is presented in the results list.

Knowledge Graph

At the same time, structured data make “eligible” to a website to appear in the  Knowledge Graphs  (and the Now Cards)  that Google started using lists of results in 2012.

Knowledge Graph improves search results, offers multiple answers to the same query and allows the user to explore in greater depth the result by clicking on an item.

You’ve seen it many times and you’ve probably come to him, right?



Using structured guarantees you not appear in the data  Knowledge Graphs -the relevance and website traffic is determinante- but your chances are increased, as indicated by numerous publications.

Eg:  Musical artists: your official tour dates in the Knowledge Graph , Upcoming Events In The Knowledge Graph . 

List of concerts

When display events in the Knowledge Graph , Google gives priority to information published on the official website of the group.

The structured event data allow concerts appear on a list or on a carousel in search results, as shown in the image.

Seo music concerts

The event marked structured data can be entered  manually  or without edit HMTL through the website code marker data Search Console , located in the Appearance block search.

Google also recognizes markup for events on a website by  certain plugins and widgets  compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Bandzoogle, BandPage or ReverbNation among others.

Biography and discography

Bio section is an opportunity to provide content of interest to fans through different pages with more depth to each of the members of the musical training.

Pearl Jam, the popular alternative rock band from Seattle, is an example of how to dedicate a URL to each of its components  adding value to followers.

Through a micro-interview, the musicians talk about their first instruments, what pushed them to the world of the interpretation or the first concerts that influenced their music.

The classic option is that individual pages are optimized for the name of each artist and depend hierarchically on a page that exposes the history of the group as a whole.

The discography of the group can be treated the same way. That is, a main page that the complete discography and a set of sub-pages optimized for the title of each album is compiled.

Songs and lyrics

The title and lyrics of the songs are perfect content for search engines: pure text. And the group’s website is the best place for the fan in resorting to this content.

Why not exploit it?

Check out the website to see how Metallica fans delight with text content on the titles and lyrics (eg  Enter Sandman , Whiskey in the Jar ).

Wikipedia and MusicBrainz

Appearing in both digital repositories generates traffic to the website of themusic group and also  favors its appearance in the Knowledge Graphs .

The music group can  contribute to MusicBrainz adding information to the database at any time, although an emerging or unknown group.

By contrast Wikipedia publications it based on relevance.

Before  starting the process for a page on Wikipedia is necessary to assess the relevance of the group .

The promotional pages  are deleted by the Wiki librarians within hours (thankfully).


Internet music and videos is positioned at the top of the rankings, especially for song search.

Have a channel and address practices SEO for Youtube  is a basic necessity for the music group.

To keep the user in the digital ecosystem is key use “cards” and “notes” that suggest the subscription channel, watch another video or visit the website of the music group.

And playlists increase the number of video playback.


It is the only social network that its search engine algorithms have full access to grant certain authorship and relevance to social content.

This does not mean that Google does not consider important signals of other social networks. It takes them into account but with nuances.

In the following video Matt Cutts explains, among other things, the difficulty of the search engine to understand the identity, relevance and relationship between the various accounts and profiles.

(When asked a user:  Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm How much do they matter?) 

Paragraphs “publications” and “information” Google+ profile and especially the block called “links” allow the seeker to know the digital identity of entities that do not use structured for that purpose (data corporate contacts , logo , social networking profiles ).

Create a Google+ profile verified  (as a brand), include links to the website and other social profiles help Google to recognize the digital identity of the band.



Both the relevance and transparency of authorship as integration with other applications (Maps, Youtube, Images, etc.), Google+ SEO produces higher impact, provided that the published content is considered valuable by other users (+1, shares , etc.).

Summary and Conclusion

SEO guide the strategy towards the fan experience helps capture and keep the user in the ecosystem of the music group.

In this sense, structured data is a valuable resource for search engines and in turn is the key to appear in the  Knowledge Graphs .

On the Internet you compete for attention and music groups do not escape this reality with boundless musical offerings available.

Hence the need to develop and optimize its ecosystem, using the group’s website to build your audience so as to drive traffic to third parties to help turn your objectives.

In this post we have collected only a few ideas to increase the visibility of a band but there are many others to write.




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