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Photo Booth Video Videomaton with Video Messages

The Fotomatones have become the perfect alternative and the ideal complement for your guests to have a great time and have a fun memory of your wedding day.

Its main function is to immortalize moments and generate funny memories. Among the multiple options that we offer you, you can find the option Video Messages  that are recordings of micro videos with predefined duration in HD quality.

Our Vomitomaton Photomaton equipment can be perfectly installed in the epicenter of the celebration, maintaining a very good quality of both sound and image, without having to place it in areas away from the celebration.

The idea is to keep the mood of the celebration without disperse the guests themselves. It is vital for the celebration itself that the idea of a party is transmitted from one to another.

As the hours go by, the videos become much more fun and intense. Guests who become pure nostalgia, friends who remind you how much they love you, relatives who live the wedding as if it were theirs … in short, a unique shaker of feelings.

The perfect union between fun and memory

The Video Booth Photo Booth with Video Messages equipment is a trend and it is inevitable not to succumb to its charms. Add more fun to your wedding your guests will thank you.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect complement for all those couples who want to give their wedding a different and unique touch.

Leave the monotony and surprise your guests, they will thank you in the most crazy and carefree way, leaving you a beautiful memory in photography, video or both .

If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you and solve all your doubts. The revolution to the bridal world has come in the form of a  Vomitomaton Photo Booth with photo booth rental sydney




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