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Smokio: Intelligent Electronic Cigarette

Smokio the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarettes are gradually gaining popularity. These devices reduce damage to the health of the smoker and do not cause inconvenience to others. The project, called the best electronic cigarette in the UK Smokio , embodies the attempt to give quality to this product group of intelligent devices. This new technology is able to communicate with your smartphone and allow monitoring snuff consumption statistics and provide useful additional functionality.

The connection to the main device (Smartphone or Android or iOS tablets) s and produces through Bluetooth technology. Free application designed for this product calculates the amount of water vapor during each puff and describes the effect of cigarettes on the user ‘s body. In particular, a comparison with the average data of regular cigarettes, it seems a good motivator for people who want to quit smoking. Smokio cigar pluses are: the reduction of smoking, life expectancy, the money saved. In addition, the program can keep track of where the user has been smoking and can measure the residual battery charge.

Built-in battery capacity is 990 mAh, which should be enough for 7 hours of continuous operation. Finally, we could say that Smokio be a good standard electronic cigarettewhich converts nicotine into vapor solution of glycerol. The cost of new devices is $ 109.




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