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The 5 best messaging applications for BlackBerry PRIV

The time has passed since a long time since SMS was the peak of mobile communication, surpassing its predecessor, the phone call. When is the last time you made a personal phone call? A day ago? One week? One month? With a wide range of Android applications for communication in your PRIV for BlackBerry through Google Play , it is not surprising that many of us would have to review our call history to answer that question.

Now, for an easier question: When was the last time you sent an instant message to someone? In the last minute? Hour? Day? What applications did you use? I bet he was one of them.

BlackBerry Messenger, better known today as BBM , is an always active, always connected application that brings together family, friends and colleagues through instant chats, voice calls, image exchange and much more! Now celebrating its 10th anniversary , what used to be a simple instant messenger is now much more. With features that include connected applications, BBM voice (Wi-Fi calls), Channels , stickers , PayPal support and other payments, and cross-platform, BBM is improving all the time. Add your enhanced security features, such as private chat and security of the PRIV, and you can stay connected with privacy in mind.
Google Hangouts

Similar to BBM, Google Hangouts helps you keep in touch with friends and family. Not only can you send instant messages, but there is also support for voice and video chat. One of the main features is the creation of groups, which allows you to communicate with capacity for 150 people in one, sometimes chaotic, chat. This is great to be connected with family, friends, social groups and sports teams. Recent versions of Android OS have added support for SMS messaging, making it easier to stay on course with various types of messaging. Use Hangouts on your PRIV to keep in touch, especially when you can not hang out in real life.
Message from WhatsApp

WhatsApp uses the PRIV’s Internet connection to the message and call their friends and family. What sets WhatsApp apart from having one of the largest user bases, from other messaging applications is the use of your mobile phone number to send messages, imitating SMS and seamless integration with your current contact list. This application once free, once paid, now free again offers multiplatform support so you can send messages, photos, videos and much more for the people who will appreciate them, or even those who will not.
Facebook Messenger

One of the biggest problems with instant messengers is receiving everything from your family and friends to adopt the same solution. Facebook Messenger does not have this problem, since most of your friends are probably already on Facebook, right? That’s good, since adding the simple and clean design of Messenger to the elegant design of your PRIV you get a good messaging solution. Features include chat groups, sending images / videos (even from within the app), Wi-Fi calling and much more.

We are going through instant messaging for a second and a look at personal security. While the PGP Blackberry for BlackBerry offers privacy and mobile security, it can not by itself save you from other dangerous situations. But using it with the Circle of 6 application gives you the opportunity to fight. Two quick hits sends a pre-written message for up to six previously selected contacts. With support for three message formats, you can be sure that help is on the way. The first message format sends a confirmation message with its location. This is great if it is lost or separated from your group.

The second type sends a message asking someone to call immediately. The situation? Maybe a blind date that is not going well, and this phone call gives you a somewhat polite way to excuse yourself. Finally, the third and most powerful type of message makes a phone call to two preprogrammed national hotlines or a number emergency of your choice. So if you are out of having a good time or in need of immediate help, always keep your PRIV two taps away.

The use of some or all of these messaging applications with your PRIVIt will help you keep in touch with the most important people in your life. If you are sending a quick message to say hello, it is worth sharing images or a request for help, you can feel safe knowing that you are in good hands with your PRIV.




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