"Let your conscience be your guide"

The message of a photographer that every bride should read. Do not miss the end.

The photographers do not do any magic, the only magic that exists is yours.

We wedding photographer  are what we are thanks to your ability to give, we only stop time in a snapshot when you hug, when you laugh, when you cry or when there is a caress.
Never, never, expect what you see in my photos, because you are unique, otherwise, I can disappoint you.
If you get married at 12:00 try to be soon with the hairdresser and makeup, if you do everything in the same place better, remember that the hairdresser is a business, and that they will have posters of shampoo and hair growth offers, sometimes you have to value doing it at home, you avoid commuting and you gain time.

The dress looks great hanging from a window, through the light, and is always better than the door of the closet with a broom or lamp.
I do not go to your house just to photograph the details and how your friends or mother dress you or help you, I photograph how the people who love you relate to you, the gesture, the look.
There is no better tool to put buttons to the bride than a hairpin.

Your wedding will seem like a marathon with a certain feeling of not being on time anywhere, but calm down, it comes, always.
If in the church the priest tells me that I can not move from such a place, I can not go to the altar, I can not move freely, and I am awarded a 50 × 50 tile, I will not be able to tell from that moment, despite to think that your day is not just a ringing, it is the boy peeking with curiosity, your grandmother crying … things happen, we are not military in a position of firm.
Moment rings, hands high and separated from the body, look at you, I will try to avoid the microphone that always covers you, breathe, slowly, it is only a moment.

If you hire a videographer, he thinks he wants to do his job too, and there will be a certain professional zeal for monopolizing the best place for his shot, and that I will come out on his plans and mine. I know videographers with whom I complement perfectly, we talk to bother as little as possible and we work as a team (thanks Iñigo Santamaria Lebanon )
I can not invent confetti if your guests have not brought (rice is not a good resource photographically, and stain the suit of the groom) occupy the couple to buy tubes in the Chinese, petals, feathers … because it can happen that you expect them to throw you and you find that nobody has taken care.

The maitre, or manager of the restaurant is very friendly, but tell him that you already know how to go to the table alone, yes, he does not contribute anything in the photo and they put themselves in front of you.
If at the moment of the dance they turn off the lights completely it is very romantic, but nobody sees you. And I will do it by hitting Flash.
The psychedelic lights type beam of light that usually bring those who put the music are great for photos.
If you use flares at that moment, at the dance, they are big, because if they are normal when the guests want to light the last one, the first will be off.

And if you want the photo with the Chinese lanterns, put Chinese lanterns, those that fly, if you want the photo of the dress crossed by the light of the window, put it there, because your photographer can not invent anything, and so many things.

I’m sorry for grandma. but I do not sell photos at the wedding, when you download the photos from the cloud, print 500 photos at 0.20 cents at your reference store and give it to them.
And above all that, your wedding is not only you, it’s your friends, your guests, your illusions, and that if it has no price, your emotions.
When it is your turn to remember, that is the only thing that remains in our lives, what will make you move, what will make you drop the tear, will be that eternal moment of the embrace. The balloons, the vintage car that will take you to decorate the photo, but it will not make you eternal.

I got married 20 years ago, I turned to my wedding video to make some captures (in a terrible quality) of my father hugging me, he died 10 years ago when the cancer decided to take him away. I was missing that photo, that memory.
The rest of the photos only show how old I was.
That you do not lack memories. If you remember, you will live twice.




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